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June, 21

How to Look Good In Business Headshots

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Before, only models and movie stars required professional and amazing headshots so they could reach the potential of their careers in full. Today, experts are featured on different company websites, and should at least have a presence on social media. The old adage – pictures are worth a thousand words is overused, though it is still relevant even today. Using quality business headshots to improve your reputation is the simplest way to make a great first impression on industry peers and potential clients.

What Business Headshots Are

It is no longer a secret that making a great first impression is important when presenting your business to the public. It will be a ‘first-impression image’ for employers, business partners, or prospective clients. Hiring a professional headshot photographer is a perfect way of ensuring that creates a very strong first impression when everyone sees your online profile, portfolio website, or resume. In addition, it will show your target audience that you are a very committed professional while allowing you to present a strong brand image across your social media and marketing channels.

More Benefits of a Business Headshot

Business headshots can help to reflect your own personality. For instance, wearing a warm smile will signal empathy and friendliness, whereas bright-colored blazers may mean you’re adventurous and bold. Through authentic headshots, you can develop a connection with a new business contact even before you meet them in person. Apart from that, business headshots can also help to:

  • Increase your business credibility
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the industry

Tips for a Professional Headshot

There is a lot to put into consideration when creating professional and compelling corporate headshots. To help you get things right, here are tips to look at:

1. Communicate with a Professional Photographer

If you prefer to visit the studio of a professional photographer, ensure you contact them early for their advice. They can have some suggestions about wardrobe choices and colors, depending on their setup, because backdrops and lights may have an impact on color.

2. Use Simple Techniques to Relax

Spend a few minutes in a very quiet place, probably away from the desk, before the shoot begins, then have your hands on the hips, put your legs apart, and take a deep breath for several times. This will help you to focus and engage more with the camera. Another technique that comes in handy is to put your arms up and be in that position for a couple of seconds.

3. Think of What to Wear

Avoid wearing a t-shirt with a logo, funny slogan, or brand name on top. Chances are, they can make you look silly. You want a professional headshot, right? So, instead of wearing such t-shirts, opt for something timeless. Also, thin stripes and patterns won’t look good on a professional headshot. Wear something plain, which will always good great regardless of the picture’s size.

The bottom line is that having a business headshot is important if you have an online presence or work in a professional capacity. With the help of these tips, you can take professional headshots that will not just create a great first impression, but also increase your business credibility.

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