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June, 21


Ishan Pranav Kumar Pandey Kishan, a 25-year-old cricketer from Bihar has set international and national records on fire since his cricket debut. Born in the capital city of Bihar, Pataliputra or Patna, Ishan spends the majority of his teenage years in the Doranda locality of Ranchi in Jharkhand to master his craft of cricket and fulfill his dream of adoring the Indian cricket team’s jersey. While many of you may know of the Doranda locality because of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the area has again become a topic of discussion with Ishan Kishan on the international pitch. The young boy who once dreamt of playing cricket for India while playing with his friends on the streets of Patna and Ranchi has become the youngest international player to score an ODI double century in the format’s history in a foreign country.

The third ODI of the series against Bangladesh during the 2022 India tour of Bangladesh made Ishan Kishan an overnight sensation in the cricket world, as he became the youngest cricketer to slam two hot one-hundreds in the history of One Day cricket. Post his exceptional ODI performance against Bangladesh in December 2022, the player was seen making headlines on multiple cricket news platforms. While most people know Ishan for his ODI record for slamming over two hundred ODI runs as the youngest player in history, a record which has now been broken by his fellow contemporary Shubman Gill, his story from being an ordinary teenager with no-so-ordinary dreams to becoming one of the most dependable batsmen and wicketkeepers for the national Indian cricket squad is truly remarkable. Let’s take a look at the cricketing journey of India’s newest batting and wicket-keeping sensation, Ishan Kishan.

Early Life and Background

Born on 18th July 1998, in the city of Bodh Gaya, popularly known as Gaya, in Bihar, Ishan’s love affair for the sport of cricket started due to seeing his older brother play cricket regularly. Ishan’s older brother, Mr. Raj Kishan, was an avid cricket watcher and also enjoyed playing the sport in his free time. Being a doctor by profession, Mr. Raj Kishan couldn’t dedicate a lot of time to his passion and had to take a sabbatical from cricket after playing at the state level. It wouldn’t be wrong to thank Mr. Raj Kishan, Ishan’s brother, for developing cricketing instincts within the young Kishan and also introducing one of the best vip matka guessing talents to the national cricket squad.

In one of his interviews, Ishan got candid about his childhood and told how he hated going to school and would often bunk classes with his friends to play cricket or any other sport. Not only that, but the young Kishan was also under the teacher’s radar for not informing his parents about his grades and marks. According to Kishan, the only thing on his mind was to play as much cricket as he could to perfect his skills and make the most out of the limited opportunities coming his way. His father, Mr. Pranav Kumar Pandey, being a builder by profession wanted both his sons to excel academically and have high-profile careers. Although his older brother, Mr. Raj Kishan, gave up on his dream of becoming an international cricketer to pursue his career in medicine, Ishan was adamant about playing for the national squad one day. After completing his schooling in the capital city of Bihar, he joined the College of Commerce in the same city for his graduation but had to travel to Ranchi quite frequently for his tournaments.

Ishan Kishan’s Domestic Cricket Career

Ishan Kishan made his domestic debut during the 2014 Vijay Hazare Trophy season, wherein the cricketer played his first-ever List-A match against Odisha. He helped Jharkhand win the match by six wickets by smashing 44 runs off 75 balls at a respectable average of 58.66 while batting in the middle-order. Almost eight months after his List-A debut against Odisha in the 2014 edition of the Vijay Hazare Trophy, Ishan Kishan was seen representing Jharkhand in the 2014 Ranji Trophy season.

After witnessing Kishan’s ability to chase high scores and play big innings, the selectors decided to upgrade Kishan’s batting position. Kishan was seen opening for Jharkhand in his Ranji debut against Assam, wherein he smashed 60 off 126, including nine fours, at a batting average of 47.61. Since his 2014 Ranji Trophy debut, the player has scored over 3000 runs from his 50 first-class appearances for Jharkhand. Apart from that, Kishan has also excelled in List-A tournaments and will likely cross the 3,500 run mark in the format this year.

After witnessing Kishan in different domestic tournaments, the selectors allowed him to lead the Under-19 World Cup squad for the 2016 World Cup tournament and Kishan used this opportunity to display his leadership skills and performed exceptionally well throughout the season. The team qualified for the semi-finals under Kishan’s leadership but failed to outperform the Under-19 Caribbean squad in the tournament. Despite not being able to bring the Under-19 trophy home, Kishan received a ton of appreciation and praise for his performance and guidance.

Ishan Kishan’s Indian Premier League Career

Post his Under-19 World Cup success, Kishan was under the radar of multiple cricket prabhat satta matka of the Indian Premier League. While many state franchises fought to keep young Kishan in their team for the 2016 Indian Premier League edition, the Gujarat Titans secured sealed the deal for INR 35 Lakhs. After participating in multiple IPL campaigns for the Gujarat-based franchise, the cricketer was roped in by the Mumbai-based franchise for the 2018 IPL edition. Ever since his IPL debut in the Mumbai squad, Kishan’s IPL trajectory has only gone upwards. 

International Cricket Career

Although it took Kishan more than six years to break into the international cricket scene since his domestic debut, he made sure it was worth the wait. The cricketer made his international debut during the T20 series against the Englishmen during the 2021 England tour of India, wherein he became the player of the match for smashing 56 runs at an excellent strike rate of 175.00. His ODI debut came just three months after his international debut against England, wherein the player helped India secure their win against the Sri Lankan squad by smashing a half-century at a strike rate of 140.47. 

Kishan’s debut in the longest format of the game came early this year after being selected in the national squad for the Test in the 2023 Test series against West Indies. Although he struggled with his middle-order positioning in the first match against the West Indies, the player smashed 25 off 37 and an unbeaten 52 off 34 in the second and third matches of the series. 

Fans have been eyeing Kishan for his performance in the upcoming international tournaments. We hope this article gave you some insights into the cricketing career of India’s newest batting and wicketkeeping sensation, Ishan Kishan. Keep scrolling for more such articles, the latest updates on Indian cricket news, IPL highlights, and IPL match analysis.

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