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June, 23

Exploring the Lyrics of “Mommy Don’t Know”

Introduction to “Mommy Don’t Know”

Musical Introduction

“Mommy Don’t Know” is a poignant song that resonates with audiences due to its emotional depth and relatable themes. This section provides an overview of the song’s significance and popularity.

Artist Background

Understanding the background of the artist or band behind “Mommy Don’t Know” offers insights into the context and inspiration behind the song. This part introduces the artist and their musical journey.

Overview of the Lyrics

[Intro: Sam Smith & Kim Petras]
Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot
At the body shop
Doing something unholy
Lucky, lucky girl (Ooh)
Lucky, lucky girl (Yeah, yeah)
Lucky, lucky girl (Uh)
Lucky, lucky girl

[Verse 1: Sam Smith]
A lucky, lucky girl
She got married to a boy like you
She’d kick you out if she ever, ever knew
‘Bout all the **** you tell me that you do
Dirty, dirty boy
You know everyone is talkin’ on the scene
I hear them whisperin’ ’bout the places that you’ve been
And how you don’t know how to keep your business clean
[Chorus: Sam Smith & Kim Petras]
Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot
At the body shop
Doin’ somethin’ unholy
He’s sat back while she’s droppin’ it
She’ll be poppin’ it
Yeah, she put it down slowly
Oh-ee-oh-ee-oh, he left his kids at
Ho-ee-oh-ee-ome so he can get that
Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot
At the body shop
Doin’ somethin’ unholy (Woo)

[Verse 2: Kim Petras]
Mm, daddy, daddy, if you want it, drop the addy (Yeah, yeah)
Give me love, give me Fendi, my Balenciaga daddy
You’re gon’ need to bag it up ’cause I’m spendin’ on Rodeo (Woo)
You can watch me back it up, I’ll be gone in the A.M. (Yeah)
And he, he get me Prada, get me Miu Miu like Rihanna (Ah)
He always call me ’cause I never cause no drama
And when you want it, baby, I know I got you covered
And when you need it, baby, just jump under the covers (Yeah)

[Chorus: Sam Smith, Both, Kim Petras]
Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot (Hot)
At the body shop (Shop)
Doin’ somethin’ unholy
He’s sat back while she’s droppin’ it (She)
She’ll be poppin’ it (She)
Yeah, she put it down slowly
Oh-ee-oh-ee-oh, he left his kids at
Ho-ee-oh-ee-ome so he can get that
Mummy don’t know daddy’s getting hot
At the body shop (Ah)
Doin’ somethin’ unholy (Unholy)

[Outro: Sam Smith & Kim Petras]
Oh-oh, oh-ee-oh-ee, ee-oh (Unholy)
Oh-oh, oh-ee-oh-ee, ee-oh (Unholy)
Oh-oh, oh-ee-oh-ee, ee-oh (Yeah, yeah)
Oh-oh, oh-ee-oh-ee, ee-oh

Initial Impressions

Before delving into the nuances, it’s essential to provide a general overview of the lyrics of “Mommy Don’t Know.” This section offers initial impressions and themes that may be present in the song.

Themes and Emotions

Identifying the central themes and emotions portrayed in the lyrics lays the foundation for a deeper analysis. This part explores the overarching messages and sentiments conveyed through the song.

Decoding “Mommy Don’t Know”

mommy don't know lyrics

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Narrative Elements

Analyzing the narrative elements within the lyrics helps uncover the storyline or message that the song intends to convey. This section dissects the storytelling aspects of “Mommy Don’t Know.”

Emotional Resonance

Emotions play a significant role in connecting listeners to the song. Exploring the emotional resonance within the lyrics highlights the song’s ability to evoke empathy and understanding.

Lyrics Breakdown: Unraveling the Verses

[Verse 1]
I once loved a tailor who took eager care of me
Sewed together my loose ends with stitches neat and clean

But now my love is gone
And I am left unraveling


[Verse 2]
I once loved a gardener with his dirt-smudged face and hands
Trimmed my weeds and gave me room to grow my flowers again

But now my love is gone
And I am left here withering


[Verse 3]
I once loved a carpenter who carved a smile for me
Sanded my rough edges, crafted new and lovely things
But now my love is gone
And I can’t help the fracturing

I never knew that I needed you

[Verse 4]
I once loved a man who kissed me once before he left
Tied me up in knots and said he’d soon return again

But now my love is gone
And I am left unraveling


Verse 1

Breaking down the first verse of “Mommy Don’t Know” provides insights into the initial setup or introduction of the song’s themes. This section analyzes the lyrics verse by verse.

Verse 2

Continuing the breakdown, the second verse offers further development of the narrative or emotional arc within the song. This part delves into the specific imagery and language used in the lyrics.


The chorus often serves as the focal point of a song, encapsulating its core message or refrain. Analyzing the chorus of “Mommy Don’t Know” reveals recurring themes or motifs central to the song’s narrative.

Musical Composition and Arrangement

Melodic Structure

The melodic structure of “Mommy Don’t Know” contributes to its overall impact and resonance. This section explores the musical elements, such as chord progressions and instrumentation, that accompany the lyrics.

Tempo and Rhythm

The tempo and rhythm of the song influence its mood and atmosphere. Discussing the tempo and rhythm of “Mommy Don’t Know” sheds light on its musical dynamics and emotional tone.

Interpretations and Analysis

Personal Interpretations

Listeners may interpret the lyrics of “Mommy Don’t Know” in various ways based on their personal experiences and perspectives. This part explores different interpretations and analyses of the song’s themes.

Social and Cultural Commentary

Songs often serve as reflections of social or cultural issues. Examining “Mommy Don’t Know” in the context of broader societal or cultural themes enriches our understanding of its significance.

Impact and Reception

Listener Response

Understanding the reception of “Mommy Don’t Know” among listeners provides insights into its resonance and relevance. This section explores audience reactions and feedback to the song.

Critical Acclaim

If “Mommy Don’t Know” has received critical acclaim or accolades, this part highlights reviews or recognition that the song has garnered from critics or industry professionals.

Conclusion: Reflecting on “Mommy Don’t Know”

“Mommy Don’t Know” stands as a poignant expression of human emotions and experiences. This comprehensive exploration has delved into the themes, emotions, and narrative elements within the lyrics, as well as the song’s musical composition and reception. As listeners continue to connect with the heartfelt lyrics and evocative melodies of “Mommy Don’t Know,” it remains a timeless testament to the power of music to convey universal truths and emotions.

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